About the Company

We became fascinated by the idea of discovering the world through someone else's eyes - the eyes of a consumer. Social media and other digital platforms bring us closer to products and services. We see our mission in bringing those closer to our consumers and to cover existing needs. No consumer-dream should remain unattained - that is where we as a company see our purpose.

Who is Who

Ismail has been working in different commercial roles for the last decade, bringing his many years of professional experience and high-value network within the area of Sales and Marketing to CI Tradex LLC in the role as Chief Commercial Officer. He has excellent knowledge of different industries. He holds a bachelor's degree in business communications from the University of applied sciences Zurich. Ismail lives with his wife in Zurich.

Claude is the Chief Operating Officer of CI Tradex LLC, and he takes the operational responsibility for the company. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he is a key factor to the success of CI Tradex. During his many years of working in different industries, being responsible for the Supply Chain and Operations he brings an extensive experience to the company. He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration. He lives with his wife and his children in Zurich.

Isabelle has been working as a Marketing & Sales Manager since 2021 and takes responsibility for different sales territories. She gained her first professional experience the financial sector. Isabelle is currently attending part time studies at the university of Zurich in order to deepen her knowledge in the field of business administration. She lives with her Dog in the area of Zurich.

David's passion is all about demand planning and logistics. That is why he is the perfect fit as our Operations Planning Manager. He has a bachelor of business administration from the Esade business school. He joined CI Tradex LLC in 2022 and is since then a key factor to our success. David is living in Winterthur with is girlfriend and is totally passionate about architecture.

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